24 June 2011

Though My Heart Quiver

The spine of the mountains is clear against the sky
I shall sail in my vessel but I shall not ride too high
Should the needles fall to zero beneath the midday sun
Into the embrace of mother earth shall I make my final run
The wind can lift me safely if she favours me today
And upon the palm of her hand I slowly meander my way
May the mists rise to show me the valleys below
And draw me away from the cols fraught with turbulent flow
There are days when I feel like the sky is surely mine
Skirting at treetops in a wingdance as the river winds
The beauty of God's tapestries in greenstretch beneath my feet
My hat be nimbus, the cirrus, cumulus and stratus sheets
I see the Brahminy sweep along my shoulder in pairs
The swallows and swifts ignore me as if I weren't there
I thank the heavens for the graciousness of CAVOK
Till the skids kiss the grass let good weather hold its sway
Each time I fly my life is a supplicant offering
As I look down  at the mountains like ceaseless carnivorous rings
Will that tropical rain forest be my bridge to the the life hereafter
Or will I be consumed by ebony clouds that cloak the way yonder
What can we seek refuge in, be they the written or unforeseen
When all knowledge is overshadowed by the frailty of being
My only way back is the pavement of many whispered prayers
As the rotorbeat pulls me homeward bound through the air
Where does my mind run to when the sun has hidden his face
Back to my dear woman and the lovely ones she has raised
Though my heart quiver my hand steadies the cyclic stick
Raise the collective and ease forward and clear that rugged peak
Now the backbone of the mountains gazes at me from on high
There is no whisper of a storm lurking in the bright open sky
To my Shepherd I commend the means by which I make my bread
And through each quiver of my heart, He shall steady my way


  1. beautifully written! very poetic and touching..u has such a wonderful soul..will patiently wait for more posts from u..bcos im your fan..;)

  2. Welcome to these pages Anonymous!!! These are quiet halls, and any fan is a welcome guest.

  3. Luverrrly Captain...., and the view is simply breathtaking from up there too. Now, why didn't I become a pilot? Lucky you!

  4. We could always use another pilot Anon...here or any airline!! I doubt you lack in talent for as long as you appreciate the view..:P

  5. Nicely written coz you captured our imagination and makes us feel that we are flying with you. God bless you captain.

  6. God bless you, Anon, that your mind can take wing with me and see what I see.