14 May 2013

What Said Fred?


It is for reasons such as the above that my trust  in the mainstream media is eroded.

First, Lord Sauron blames everything on an Elvish Tsunami. Then as more free peoples of Middle Earth stand behind their fellow Elves, and the voices of men, dwarfs, hobbits and Ents hurl revelations of truth at the Black Gates, damage control in the form of 'reconciliation' is put forth. If the manner of reconciliation mooted by former appeals court judge Mohd Noor Abdullah is any measure of the effort, we are many miles from the Truth And Reconciliation of post-apartheid South Africa under Nelson Mandella.
I have long stopped buying into the idea that our unity is engineered by Mordor. The utter hypocrisy of  outsourced racist drivel mired with threadbare feelgood campaigning surely has to be the patching of a ripped garment with unshrunk cloth. It merely tears away and the hole made much worse  than before.
Middle Earth was not split into partisan blocks from a mere 5 years ago. Who would be so devoid of integrity as to even print that for sale, let alone hope to chance that anyone will even believe it? The wounds upon society have been inflicted systematically and periodically over many generations in order to take hold, and the only wounds sustained over the last 5 years are those over and above the ones we wear from the inception of the current generation of Orcs.
The seeds of discord sown by the Nazgul have not rent the races of Middle Earth. None believe this brand of parochialism save for the bands of Warg Hunters, Haradrim and Uruks who stand to gain as they have no other source of influence or comradeship except in the partaking of evil. Those who wear any of the rings of power will be bound by the spell of the One. But it remains with the free peoples of Middle Earth to keep up the resistance  until the resources of evil are exhausted.
Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.
Lord Farquaad can organise a tournament, just like the one in print above, and yes, people will participate for all manner of reasons. It is nice for a young urban professional to turn the pages of the newspaper and view his remarks on unity and share that with his friends at the mamak coffee table. Which schoolkid would pass up a chance to see his name in print in the press? However, the scale of participation should not be mistaken for the sharing of his cause, especially with the kind of sacrifices he is willing to make.

I do not know when Lord Sauron will ever wake up to the truth that not one amongst the free peoples of Middle Earth buy his brand of anything whatsoever.

There is no secret to why all his illusion-fuelled grandiose embarkations are predestined to nowhere. It is simple, to wit, there is no better teacher than example.

Sometime back, I suppose it was in the late 80s, in the United States, there was a spike in the incidence of military offenses across all armed services. The top brass was alarmed and organised inquiries to get to the bottom of things. In the interviews, both officers and enlisted men revealed that they had come to know that so-and-so, a Major/Colonel/General, is guilty of pilfering/direlection/ abuse of public funds/crony promotions and whatever have you. If he can break all those rules and not be held accountable for them, why on earth should I?

Therefore, should you  be have a reputation made suspect with murder, inefficiency, fraud, corruption, lying, showboating and the list goes on ad infinitum ad nauseaum, nobody will ask to buy your wares on display in public office. Your legitimacy is long lost, and your quiet does not bear the scent of dignity.
Who will see the need to be courteous on the street, to stand apart from many with intergrity in upholding the truth, when the Lord at the helm sets such a poor example while insisting on representing all of Middle Earth?
Thankfully, and much to Sauron's discredit and proof of his failed campaigns, more people have stood for what's good and right.
It also follows that those who do not, merely reflect the example of the leadership shown by those who would weild power over us.
The simple trusim that example is the best teacher cannot be done away with.

Perhaps the Pellenor  Fields are taken. Perhaps Osgiliath is overrun.

But we the free peoples of Middle Earth will continue, as we always have, to ignore and be ignored by, the ways of evil.

For the time will soon come when Hobbits will shape the fortune of all.


  1. I swear I saw your rotor blades glow over Isengard!

    1. Nice to see you here, Doctor, albeit on my own rantings over the state of the Shire. Yes, I was hovering over Isengard to keep dry from the flood the Ents had released. Come to think of it, how like that is to my current profession!

  2. Over time, the good will always overcome the evil one. May God have mercy on us.

    1. Through His mercies it is that good shall overcome evil.