04 June 2014

Not Quite Dead Yet

A fellow EC225 in holding pattern while we load up our passengers
Nay, I have not been granted easy passage through the Pearly Gates.
But OMG does Kerteh have such a thriving business in telephone cable thieves!!  Hardly a day passes without yards and yards of cable theft while the poor and only local Telekom technician files more police reports than time would allow for actual repairs. Therefore, from as far back as March, just about when MH370 went missing, so did any manner of stable internet connection through any measure of time, leading me to an escalated cellphone bill to the technical complaints line with Telekom's script-adherent customer service officers. I wish they would just hasten the installation of Unifi and kill this issue once and for all. And yes, one wonders wither our law enforcement?
Our waterborne neighbours
The months have passed as I in anguish have stayed vigil over a possible job change. The bated breath should serve me well when I renew my Helicopter Underwater Escape Training come November.
For now there is a chomping at the bit. The utter lack of propriety of people who ask confidential questions over how much I must pay for the dissolution of my outstanding bonds and how much is offered to me by the next company is nigh nauseating. It isn't as if they are paying my way out anyway.
For now I shall count the days.


  1. Sir,

    Good to hear from you again. How are things ? Movin' somewhere are we ?

    that stubborn co-pilot again lah... :-()

  2. Hi mate!!!! Yes, I am moving just across the fence from my current location. You see, some people love flexing muscles that they once had in the air force. But when the words "it will be difficult to promote you" are used on me more than once, I will not wait to see if such a premise becomes a reality. And so, I move.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your reply. Good call, Sir. Just follow what your heart says. All the very best to you, Sir. Keep in touch and most importantly, keep us updated on the latest happenings. Best regards to the Missus and kids. May GOD bless you all abundantly. Cheers !

    You know who i am...

  4. I certainly will my good friend. My hiatus was only because of cable theft. Hang around here, ok chum?

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you. You can bet your bottom dollar that i will always do, faithfully !