12 July 2014

The Deep Breath Before The Plunge

There remain precisely three weeks more that I remain here.
If I have remained relatively quiet, it is because I  am but holding my breath as I bear with aggravation and the restraining of profanity building like the waters behind a dam whenever I am yet again on the receiving end of  asinine remarks from wise-ass executive malingerers, charlatans and peacocks strutting along the corridors of the premises where I labour to make bread.
The perennial coastline of TCOT
I am entering into transition again, as I capriciously leap forward in search of greener pastures.
Let it be known though that I leave because I must.
A Floating Flare Boom
Would that I could linger here, basking beneath Newton's First Law Of Motion. After all, I am not really seeking a higher pay cheque, and though better remuneration is always welcome, it is not this  that draws me to submit my resume to the mercies of another company. The only ambition I harbor is to progress to captaincy of the aircraft. And therein lies the impetus to change.
A supply/rescue boat keeping vigilant for us at Tapis Bravo with Alpha in the background
So while I count the days remaining till I return these raggedy David-Clarks, I gaze out the left window knowing that this view will soon be set to change, in just three weeks.
I am familiar with change, though I do not welcome it. Such has been life as it unfolded for me from my very birth. Some changes, I had to initiate. This move is one of them.
Watching my friends from my future workplace making a left hand approach to Tapis Delta
Indeed, it is that very aforementioned restraint which is insolation to my literary juices, and with them the driving need to vent upon the pages of my blog.
There are some grievances that cannot be aired, mired in disappointment and the repeating of history in an alarming reminder that leaving military service does not secure that evil men are also left behind, especially when they keep turning up in your face like the clap.
Stacked five containers high she was!!!!
Therefore, I trust that as I watch the ships go by and keep chanting the approach callouts to the rigs as the prevailing winds now favour the captains' landings, I shall just tell myself, that I have but three weeks left. 


  1. Dear Jeffrey,
    It's been a while. It would be true to say change is the only one constant in life. In this case a change initiated by you that will yield good returns. Might I hedge a guess that you might be converting to an italian/british machine and it's operator has a blue fuselage that does not have the east facing star emblazon on its fuselage? I do hope it is a direct conversion to the capt's seat. I wish you all the best in the change and good luck in the conversion and enjoy the process . As for the ones who need muscles flexed, let the pass be the pass. There is a saying... you will meet the same people on your up in life as you will meet them again on the way down. Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls. If ever down south, please let me know.... beers are chilling!!!!! and a good curry to be had.
    Blue skies and happy landings.

  2. Dear Jeevan
    It is good to see you again, and to find that your intuition is none the lacking for your absence.
    You have guessed with such accuracy the graphics of my next company and it is so convenient a move that the displacement is merely across the tarmac.
    I believe that the past is the past. I hate excess baggage. It's an unwelcome load.
    I will not be getting the direct captain's conversion with a mere thousand-plus hours offshore, but they are treating me like those hours count in my pay cheque. The captaincy will come when I get the hours that qualify me for conversion.
    And your end line is temptation at its most irresistible. You will definitely have me calling if my travels take me south. True Indian curry and beer is not a combination to turn away from.
    You be well good sir. Lovely to have had your visit.

  3. Dear Mr Jeff sir
    I want to wish you all the best in your quest. Quite sad though to see the stigma of service still follow you in your civil life.
    Though I cannot actually say I do understand your situation but a little bit of my green experience, I think I do.
    Being marked as bad apple for almost 18 years, I do share a bit feeling about that.
    Yes I have to work hard to prove my standard. But then only to be recognised by others, not my superior.
    Life is not always a smooth sailing sir. The exact word that I always used is that Im not that handsome as compare the others in the eyes of little god in the 19th floor....

  4. Thank you Col Daud!!!! I have also explained with forensic accuracy that all this is happening to me because I am not handsome enough :).
    Apa nak jadi dengan yang tak cukup ayu macam kita ni ha??

  5. Sir,

    Noted on the impending plunge. Good for you. Hope it turns out to be a fruitful and rewarding venture.

    BTW, Major David is now Lt Col ah ? Good on him. He was one of those few gems with whom i have had the opportunity to fly as a co-pilot. A great person. A man who doesn’t speak much but one who exudes wisdom and maturity when he eventually does. Very knowledgeable and known to stand his ground when he knows he is right. I wish him well in his undertakings. Just sad that the RMAF puts people like him on cold storage, for whatever reasons known only to those who walk in the corridors of power, whilst those ball-carriers are given free passage at everything...

    Emmm... I left the RMAF for that exact same reason. And i am left wondering if the RMAF will ever change ?

    P/S : Might be heading your way from the 03rd to 11th of Aug. LIDAR Ops. That Indian food restaurant you talked about the other day when i was doing FLIR Ops sounds very tempting indeed. Wouldn’t mind giving it a go, if it’s on you...;-(). You owe me one, you know ? Then a few chilled beers will be on me. We’ll see how it pans out later. Will keep you updated. Our warmest loving regards to the children and Madam Brenda at home. Take care Sir. Hope to catch up with you soon.

    You can have my chappati...

  6. We don't need the RMAF to change, mate. This has been the game for ages. But once upon a time, there were more good guys signing up to keep the ship plugged and afloat. If this can recur, we can expect a mend to stir. However, there has been of late, more gravel in the machinery, to the dimming of the jewels amongst them. We can hope for changes, but I expect it will stay a struggle between good and evil, a tussle between thinkers and dim wits.
    I am aware that I owe you one, and I believe that after 5th August I can oblige, cold pints included.