08 March 2016


The church at midnight mass 24 Dec 2015. Looking like gingerbread by moonlight.

How quickly we have moved away from the hushed celebration of Christmas, whizzed past the Chinese New Year and now we are squat in the middle of a rather un-austere Lent.
The acclimatisation from east coast to west coast takes its toll differently on each one of us, predominately in the availability of choices, and whilst we were all enrapt within ourselves, we overlooked the totem truth that what we are to each other matters more than what we can get out of the place we are situated in.
Antonio. So named was this kitten of a stray when he walked in,
 reasons being obvious
Eleven days of anguish visited us when Antonio took his late night walk on the 18th last month and failed to turn up at his usual spot at the front door the morning after.
Such agony over a pet, and the unimaginable horror over anyone's loss of a loved one formed the chromatography of emotions and memories that flogged our minds, such that the passing of another great life from my own, that of my grandmother, ran in somewhat muted parallel while we hoped and lost hope over Antonio. The fact is, I know what my grandmother's troubled life did to her, and this eternal rest was given in such timeliness at her laudable age of 92, to nobody better deserving within my little circle of kith and kin. I found more peace in being resigned to her going than the void of not knowing what happened to that infuriating but sweet feline. How true it is then that closure is a means to coping with, while not mitigating the sting of, loss.
My grandmother, the grand matriarch on my mother's side of the family, passed into the great beyond on the 17th of February, after a very brief struggle for breath, having survived a failing heart from as far back as 2008. With her departure, went also the only ally I ever had on my mother's side of the family. She may have needed someone better sighted than herself for the passage ahead, and took Antonio along with her as a seeing eye cat. The timing thereof seemed logical.
Or perhaps, as Brenda would put it in her irreverently macabre way, that Granny had already begun interceding for her grandson without so much as a siesta upon reaching the other shores. She would be in the know from her current seat, that the rosaries I offered during the nightly prayers for her over the week were rife with entreaties for Antonio rather than for her soul, which I knew had already found a good place in paradise. At least that would explain the utterly bizarre manner in which one week after Granny's funeral, Antonio meowed indignantly outside our bedroom window on the roof ledge no less, at 0300 Sunday morning. Just the night before, not four hours back did we toast the cat replete with a deserved eulogy, and awakened by an unbelievably familiar voice, we both literally leapt out of bed to reel him in through the window. Presented for proof before the court comprising our well awakened children, there were tears of relief and joy.
Life sucks. We really ought to be glad when it doesn't. And utterly jubilant when she beams at us.

Thank you, Grandma.


  1. Dear Jeffrey,
    First may I offer belated condolence wishes to your family and you with the passing of your beloved grandmother. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Very touching as you described her as always being in your corner and being there for you. We all have our guardian angels, but we also have guardians in this walking physical earth to lift us up when we are down, your grandmother indeed was that to you. It has been a while since you last blogged. I hope the flying have been good and the north east monsoon wasn't as bad as previous years. it is indeed always entertaining to read your blogs!!! As Easter is approaching and for those performing vows of lent( not catholic but giving up meat, alcohol and swearing as a cleansing exercise) Easter cannot come any slower!!! So may I wish you and the family a happy Easter and as always happy landings and safe flying.

    regards jeevan

  2. I've been a prodigal blogger sir. You are right in that.
    Thank you for dropping by and it was a very odd week for all of us. Yet, I know my grandmother will remain her crafty old self where she is, and I am sure we will meet again in God's own time.
    Stay the course on your abstinences sir, if only to avoid the unpleasant surprises of early morning D & As this Lent, LOL!!!!!! Keep an eye on the coming feast day this month end, and this too, shall pass.
    I am rather grateful that this monsoon has been amicable, especially for the bauxite-ravaged peoples of Kuantan. A floodless season is what they could do well with, and their sufferings over the years with the red pollutant has been ample.
    Happy Easter, sir. May you and your family be blessed.

  3. please accept my condolences..Sir

  4. All is well, sir. Thanks, and your presence is much appreciated.