04 October 2016

Straighten Up. Fly Right.


Nobody knows what would have gone through your minds in those moments between heaven and earth.
Such experiences are the hallows of the privileged few who have encountered emergencies and system failures in the Nuri and brought the old bird back to ground without taking precious lives in the wake of the only means of reacting they had.
It is enough that you breathe yet. It is enough that you are all alive as a crew.
Whatever the political and service shenanigans may be that you must face, they are secondary to the fact that you're still here and have not lost any of your friends to your handling of a situation gone wrong, and likely unforeseen in the Nuri's aviation history.
Congratulations to the aircraft commander and the crew. Get up, get well. Get past this.
You're more relevant to the aviation world now than many who would stand as judge over you.


  1. That is an very encouraging post! Especially like the last statement of your post.

  2. Thank you TheSounDOne, for your visit to a most arid blog. The only thing I've found uglier than an air mishap is the gathering of carrion fowl it summons. That being said, I trust you identify with the crucifixion spree that comes with it, no?? :) :)

  3. Well, i am not a pilot (though it been something i wanna be since i was 9) and unlikely well ever have a chance of crashing an helicopter or airplane....but i been through a couple of near death incidents so i guess i know what u talking about. The crucifixion didnt come from any authorities but the mere thought of not being able to see my wife & sons growing up is crucifixion itself.

  4. What they all say is true. Your life does actually flash before your eyes in near death experiences!
    Anyway It's humbling to have someone from egalitarian Singapore visiting the lowly halls of a Malaysian blogger. Over and above that is that you actually read, because in this day and age of instant gratification, the herds go for twitter and Instagram, not the painstaking pages of blogs.
    Good on you!!