25 October 2012

You're Grounded!!

We don't have it on our media.
But three days ago, a Super Puma EC225 ditched into the North Sea during an offshore operational flight. The above pic was taken from the UK's Daily Telegraph site.
As we are operating an aircraft of the same type, our own fleet has been grounded pending investigations and findings over the incident.
Well, for a non-swimmer bordering on hydrophobic such as I am, the above picture is most reassuring. I now know that the bloody beast floats!


  1. Ouchhh! What happen Mr Pilot? Uhh scary!

  2. Not so scary actually.
    It was the illumination of a main gearbox failure light, so they did as per checklist and ditched. When you're an offshore pilot, ditching is imminent.
    Everyone was safe. Ditching though not an everyday matter, is a safe way of putting the aircraft down on the waters before the main gearbox completely runs out of lubricant or overheats due to the same. Warning lights tell the pilot that it's about to happen so he can get dowwn to sea level as soon as possible.

  3. Hi hobbit1964
    Ohh my goodness...it sure does look scary...never mind that it floats, still scary.
    Thank goodness it's not from your side. So yes, meanwhile, welcome the investigations and findings. Take care.

  4. Welcome back!!
    I will keep you posted on anything I am informed of, albeit implicitly.
    I thank you for spending time here, even when your soul is in visitation to other shores.

  5. A good reason that you should overcome the phobia of going into the waters. Hope that the ban will be lifted soon.

  6. Hello there Anon. Some phobias will remain. I can live with mine. As for the ban, I too hope it is lifted soon.